About Us

About Couloirtechgroup

Couloirtechgroup has been locally owned and operated in Delaware since 2019. We provide excellence in developing custom IT solutions tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We employ highly qualified professionals with excellent technical skills and a commitment to total customer satisfaction.

The staff at Couloirtechgroup have established themselves as a top resource for developing custom IT solutions.  They are highly skilled in managing, analyzing, designing, developing, and delivering full end-to-end information systems.  They apply leading edge Microsoft .Net technologies with good coding standards and use recommended Microsoft best practices to produce successful information systems and projects.  Our IT solutions include complete and accurate documentation to expedite knowledge transfer to our clients as well as making it easier to maintain and enhance the system.

With consistent success delivering quality solutions that meet or exceed client expectations, our staff has earned an excellent reputation.  They have worked hard to build great information systems and along the way have established long term relationships with our clients that have lasted long after the project has been successfully completed.

Mark Meyer

Mark Meyer has over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, working throughout​ ​Washington since 1987 and with the Olympia area IT community since 2002.

He brings organizational, marketing, operation and sales acumen to the Couloirtechgroup team. He thoroughly understands how all the pieces “fit together” and ensures security for all of the tech components.
Mark has served with CIBER, Sprint E|Solutions, Logicalis and SolutionsIQ, where he was often the leader, ensuring their customers have appropriate IT solutions.
Focused on delivering quality solutions to the client, Mark is looked to as a leader in the industry. He understands customer needs, which leads to initiatives that build their business and helps assemble the team to deliver.
To date he has worked with businesses such as: Microsoft, Car Toys, Wireless Advocates, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, State of Washington (numerous agencies), Tableau Software, Bartell Drugs and many more.
He has a wide range of experience from custom application development to COTS applications to dotcom startups through fortune 500 companies, as well as infrastructure (servers, storage and networks).